GKL Woodworks

One goddamn splinter at a time...


Current project. Pre-made pine tabletop from H-D on scrollsaw. I jigsawed an acrylic circle to go underneath and will be installing some kind of funky lighting. You know, like the Japanese craftsmen of old.

The Shop


Well howdy, termites! Thanks for chomping your jaws into my wood!

My name is Geoff and I’m a beginner woodworker. Which means I make wood shit, but I don’t do it nearly as well as a ton of other people. The good news is I learn quickly, especially when it’s a subject I love, and I loves me some wood!

So thanks for tuning in and following me on my journey. And follow me here: twitter.com/GKL_Woodworks



My first project, for my dad’s birthday. It’s rough, has a lot of problems, but not terrible for the first time considering I did it with limited tools and no shop.